NHS meal Sponsors

Thank you all for your support - no matter how big or small, an active compassion can change the humanity. I will continue as long as I can help our NHS heroes and beyond! 

Below is the list of Donors THANK YOU for your donation! 






 £20.00  04/07/20  Stephen Bonnett 




Jhoana Manalus


£10.00  04/06/20  Eric Hall  
£20.00   25/5/20  Eric Hall  
£10.00 21/05/20  Pri Kapadia  
£30.00 18/05/20  Shaun & Julie Well done Jahan and all the Tarana team. Blessings to you all!
£20.00 09/05/20  Eric Hall  
£200.00 04/05/20  Sufi  What a Great IDEA! Always wanted to help NHS did not know how!

Thank You Jahan, for your efforts. Happy to HELP!


Tarana Food Stars Lrg